Saturday, February 19, 2011

I be down on want hate my reason person imperfect =.=

hha title pelik lgy but nyh laa aku nk bebel..
kdang2 ble kte brkawn, ade yg prlu kte share nan
dye rght ??
but tak sme yungs sume kte nk kne kgsi..

at the same times jgk,
kdang kte rapt nan owng tuhh,
kte rse dye bgus, but actlly
dlam brkwan kte sdang mnilai
dri owg tuhh. .

msty ade yg ckp

kau ingt kau bgus sgadd ker
nk mnilai dri owng ??
hha with plesure aku akn ckp
ske aty aku laa dri aku aku ade hak nk
mnilai owng tuh

bkn ape pde aku kte ade 'PERSEPSI' kte sndri rght ??
so jgn bnyk tye laa kn =.=.

and ble kte brkwan jgk
kdang2 kte akn ske or bnci owng tuh.
support never mind i talk ?
butt tuh laa yg jd...

actlly aku pn tak de hak nk bnci owng tuh
sbb ape ??
bb aku ase aku pn tak prfect
butt ini lah ...


diary cikk faraa

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